Sevi Play Airport Set

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May I have your attention please? Will the jet setting travelers please report immediately to the Sevi Play Airport Set. Your flight is about to board. This delightful play set is perfect for the young adventurer seeking adventure in the big blue skies!

Sevi is the oldest European wooden toy company. Founder and carving craftsman, Josef Anton Senoner, began the company in 1831. He used his son’s initials to create the name (Vinzenz Senoner). In 1998, Sevi was bought by Trudi, a premier Italian plush company and the Senoner family philosophy of high quality continues to be upheld.

All Sevi products have been thoroughly and rigorously tested by an independent lab, and meet or exceed all European and US federal regulations for children’s toys. Parents never need worry about the quality or safety of any Sevi product.

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