Waba Fun

Relevant Play (formerly WABA Fun) Inspiring Smartivity® for Kids of All Ages

WABA Fun was founded in 2003 to provide children with awesome toys to encourage imaginative, open-ended play and to invite their minds to explore, create and learn. We believe creativity, innovation, and inspiration are natural for children, when they are provided the right tools for play. We are also passionate about making play and learning exceedingly fun.

With this vision, we brought to market numerous, award-winning toys to nurture the creative genius that naturally lies inside all children, including Kinetic Sand, Bubber, Shape-It!, Sand Paint, Dino Dig, and most recently, Mad Mattr.

So here’s where it gets even more interesting…

While developing and distributing these products for children, we’ve learned that adults have been enjoying them too – as a way to bring out their own creative inner child. So, we’ve been thinking… “Let’s expand our vision and our offerings to better serve kids of all ages… to provide everyone with play-products that are relevant to their lives, and specifically, that inspire smart-creativity = Smartivity.”

With that, we have changed our brand from WABA Fun to Relevant Play.

Relevant Play will Inspire Smartivity, by offering new and unique toys, technology, and lifestyle items that appeal to various ages. These intriguingly cool products (some with a dash of magic thrown in) will maintain and grow our vision of providing smart and creative play-opportunities – that support everyone’s creative genius.

We are excited about this new, expansive direction for the company and we look forward to continuing to delight our young (and young-at-heart) customers, while helping Inspire Smartivity.