The Little Yoga Mat

About Us:

the story of The Little Yoga Mat


After happily volunteering to teach yoga at my daughter’s New York City pre-school, I realized I had some basic logistical problems. How would I teach yoga to 20 children in a space that only holds 10 adult yoga mats?


As a yoga teacher, I always had extra mats around the apartment but not one small enough for my daughter, so one night my husband and I cut an adult mat into four small mats.  They were just the right size to give to the kids in my daughter's class.  


The boys and girls loved them. The teachers loved them. We were on to something. The children loved having a mat their size. The teachers discovered that the mats helped the kids know where to do their yoga poses. No more running around. Everyone got focused.


My daughter proudly carried hers while strolling to and from school. Many moms stopped and asked, “What an adorable mat. Where can I buy one?”


And the idea of developing The Little Yoga Mat was born. To all the budding yoginis out there, I invite you to begin your yoga journey with The Little Yoga Mat.


Jensen Wheeler Wolfe