American Innovative™ was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003 to pursue the development of innovative new products that should exist, but don't. "Products that make sense™" is our motto and the execution of this philosophy can be seen throughout the company's product line. Careful attention to the needs of the user and a keen eye for industrial design and user interface engineering are the secrets of American Innovative's success.

AI launched the company's first offering in December of 2003. The Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock was inspired by founder Adam Hocherman's class schedule while an engineering undergraduate at Cornell University. Like the schedule of many students, Hocherman rose early on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but caught up on sleep Tuesdays and Thursdays when class didn't meet until late morning. The Neverlate provides seven, independent daily alarms - one for each day of the week.

In October of 2006, AI entered the housewares industry with the launch of its first kitchen timer product. The Chef's Quad-Timer Professional exemplifies American Innovative's attention to user interface design. This product is a deluxe, 4-task multi-timer featuring the same easy-set knobs found on the Neverlate. An intuitive cooktop metaphor associates what is being timed with what is actually on the stove. The Quad-Timer is still one of AI's beset-selling items today and has been featured in media spots ranging from Bon Appetite magazine to America's Test Kitchen television.

In 2008 AI entered the juvenile category with the first product in what ultimately became the Onaroo line of "Smart products for children and their parents." The Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-light features a kid-friendly, yet sleek and modern, design along with a feature set that is designed to evolve with the child's needs as they grow. This combination of design and function has propelled the Onaroo line and has morphed the company into what, today, is primarily a juvenile products manufacturing company. The Teach Me Time! took top honors in the educational products category, when it was recognized as a "Best Product of 2008" by Creative Child magazine in the year of its introduction, and continues to be American Innovative's all-time best-selling product to this day.

Going forward, AI continues to expand its reach into the children's market with a full line of "OK to Wake!" items, inspired by the Teach Me Time!, as well as other creative products designed for the nursery and the toddler's bedroom.

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