Do A Dot

Our Philosophy

Do-A-Dot Art is a company that values experience with a simple wish to raise a generation of free thinkers.

Our goal is to harness the natural creativity that lies within each child. We hope to inspire children to revel in the joy of imaginative play; building forts made of couch cushions, castles made of sand, or lying beneath the clouds telling magical stories from the shapes we see. Imagination is what transforms a plain sheet of paper into a masterpiece.

Do-A-Dot Art provides children with art mediums that empower them to explore the adventures of their imagination. Our markers are tools that teach them to be fearless in their expression.

We want children to have the freedom to make their own choices, think creatively, and feel confident. Through art we hope children develop a foundation for a love for learning, discovering, and creating that will last a lifetime.

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