BC Mini

BC is a traditional stationery and toy importer and wholesale distributor, we sell to approx. 12,000 retail stores, mainly independent stores.  We wholesale only, we have no store, we do not compete against our retailer customers.  We are dedicated professionals, we run a very efficient business machine, our products are popular, we ship fast, we take care our customers, we don't take a penny we do not deserve.

Except, what we sell are unusal, almost all our products are exclusively from BC, not sold by others, unless if they copied us or got them from us.  We sell Japanese toys and stationery to the Western World, generally we avoid products already sold by others. BC is a small company, but we are generally the biggest in several niche categories we handle.

We have so many products, so it must be confusing to you, feel free to call or email us, we'll do our best to explain and simplify them for you. 


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